Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 3:

So I have been doing the Chad Waterbury "Figure Training" program with the diet. I am on day 3 & it's rest day. YEA!!!!! The workouts have been awesome. Short & sweet, but challenging! I thought oh gee 10 min of Interval cardio training on the bike. UHM yea by min 5, pouring down in sweat & going holy crap! Those min & seconds got slower and sl-ooooo-www-eeee-rrrr. Gotta love it though only 10 min though!

Diet has been going great! I sure am glad I bought "Muscle Revolution" by CW a year or so ago. The article where I got the workout from had the diet with it yadda, yadda, but a lot of unanswered questions. When I have unanswered questions thats when things can get a little whacky for me. I found out today that I can have ONE & only ONE cheat day YIPPPPPEEEEEE! I also found out I can only do this style of dieting for 4 weeks & only twice a year with 3 month's in between. Kinda like ok awesome because it is a bit strict. What I love about it is I can eat FRUIT! Wohoo! But no brown rice, no yams, no nothing carb form from anything but fruit & veggies. I get to drink fish oil ... mmmm ... some tasty shit ... NOT! I now just do it like a tequila shooter with a lemon on hand. The oily texture is more than one can handle. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I will be back in fighting shape again! :-P