Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello! Cupcake!

Oh man! Making cupcakes last night was a little bit of torture. Ok maybe a lot of torture! Even for my husband it was torturous he's doing BFL right now. It' so nice to have him on the same paying field now! Muhahahahaha! Even back in the day he was very supportive in the sense that he would not eat bad things right in front of my face. He would even warn me & I would go into the computer room & chat or blog to distract from it. The only thing he was not supportive of was the me wanting to compete. Grrrr... maybe he will come around some day??? Well, I survived the damned cupcakes. I even survived watching everyone eat them. Telling me how great they were. I was like thats good because I was testing out a new recipe haha & I had no earthly idea how they came out. Yes I was that good! Not even as much as one lick ..... accidently by habit I had the tiniest bit of frosting on my finger and I did lick. When I mean tiniest bit, I mean it was tiny! I don't count that!!! It made me realize that I had to be extra cautious because I could accidently start licking the bowl and the beaters, and the counters, you get the idea. Seriously though, it was nothing a dot worth. Ok .... so after watching everyone gobble up cupcakes. I came home a treated myself to a shot of


Yea not quite as good as a cupcake. Not even in the same realm as a cupcake! I swear this crap is going to be the death of me!!!! Bleh, bleh, bleh! I am surprised about the diet. I am not having near as much trouble as I thought I would with it. I have certain times of the day where I get crabby or a loss for words. It usually only happens once or right before meal time. So I have to eat when it's time to eat! Otherwise I feel fine right now. Not really nutso cravings. The V-Day candy was so tempting ... but I conquered by distraction. The ol' computer :-P Uploaded a bunch of photo's to FB. Hey it kept me busy!

Speaking of I need to start being a bit more active. Since the pony can't be ridden for 2 weeks (now only 1) I have been a little under active. I need to be out & about or cleaning etc. Also, I need to get some sleep. I have been having trouble sleeping for the past month. I wake up at 3 am every night or 3:15. WTF??? Quite annoying. I think this is the reason I am so pokey during the day. I tried to get some extra sleep this morning, but 5 yr. old getting ready for school, not so much! I heard about a supplement called "Lean Dreams" by Venom.

Thinking of trying it out, because seriously this can't go on much longer! If anyone has tried it I WOULD LOVE to hear your opinion on it before I shell out the $$$ for it. Or know of anyone who has used it.

So ok waiting for husband to come home so I can got to the gym. Where is he grrrrrr ... I don't want to workout to late. But I will if I have too! At least it will be nice and quiet there. I absolutely loved doing the cross training in front of the dumbbell rack while all the guys are doing bench press & etc.... during the prime time. Ughhhh especially those jumpy squat things. It was a real show let me tell ya! Well gonna go get in my workout clothes & prep my surge so I am ready to G-O ... when he gets here.