Sunday, December 14, 2008

A New Beginning, A New Horizon, A geez just get on with it ...

So, I am getting ready to be serious this time. Ahhhh yes I know how many times have we heard this in the past 2 years???? Ok no excuses just explanations though. My job consumed my life! I would try to work out and be healthy, but teaching riding lessons just got in the way. The schedule, no matter how hard I tried, was NEVER consistent. Well, to make a long story short ... I don't teach anymore. As much as I loved it, it drove me crazy. Not to mention I want my Amateur status back. I don't want to compete as a Pro! We are talking horses here LOL.

So after the Holidays, during the month of January I will return. This is when gym see's their all time record attendance & yes I will contribute to this record. I am really going to play around with what I want (goals) during these last few weeks of December. I think it is going to be important. Going to the gym tomorrow with my old workout partner Nik. So it will be a fun & sobering conversation tomorrow.

Well, I just returned from the horse show in Waco. It was a lot of fun with the 6yr. old baby i was riding. We did well. Here is a photo and let me see if I can post the video?

NOTE: You have to hit play then pause to let it download completely.

Teresa from Scott Branum on Vimeo.