Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 1 & 2 ...

Energy, energy, energy .... I am so loving this & I am only on day 2! This time I am mentally there & ready to go even farther. Had a great interval training session today. Oh man almost hurled twice & yes I loved it!!! I was staring at the track the whole time on the elliptical. I remember running my sprints & I really wanted to go there too! I really, really, really, wanted to but held myself back. I am in no "condition" to start that yet. Key word condition ... I am waiting until I have at least 4 weeks of conditioning under my belt before I hit the sprints. I will start early morning bleachers & suicides & plyo's in about 4 weeks. Wohooo I am so excited about these. I know I am going to feel like a tank at first, but I will be back to my stealth self again. I am so excited!!!

I am feeling great can you tell? During my hellish cardio session I had a realization. I am certainly a bit smarter about my training this go around. I went through 2 years of doing my own thing, to having the help of a trainer, to reading & trying out training programs. So much that it made my head explode. I wouldn't trade any of it though because I am a much smarter person now. I am not going to go absolutely nuts & kill myself until my body is physically ready to go there. The important thing is to listen to my body & to be very kind to myself mentally too. So thats what I thought about whilst killing myself on the elliptical. I am a multi tasker what can I say. I actually have some really great thoughts while doing cardio. Hahaha!

Diet is going great!